Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thou shall not bite the hand that feeds you

...or bakes you cake.

     My mum learned this the hard way this morning as she arranged plans for a father's day banquet for my dad and my grandpa. My dad loves ate Inday's moist chocolate cake and asked my mum to order one for this sunday's banquet. She held the phone in her hand and just as she was about to make the call it dawned on her. The last time she talked to ate Inday, they were hurling expletives at each other via my mum's trusty PDA phone. The argument was about a cake that was not delivered on the agreed time. My mum's most beloved sister-in-law (insert sarcasm here) had come to visit and demanded (very sweetly, of course) that her moist cassava cake be warm and fresh and at the door by nine in the morning. And as most tragedies begin, this arrangement was not honored by the baker. 

   Now my mum has to make that infernal call. She asks me what to do.

Mum: I have to call Inday.
Me: Yep.
Mum: I f I call her, she probably won't accept my order or if she will, she'll add a tablespoon of cyanide into the batter.
Me: Yep.
Mum: I have a brilliant idea, You call her and order the cake. Tell her to have it delivered at your lola's.
Me: or I could just call her and have her deliver the cake here.
Mum: But she would know it's me.
Me: No, she won't. I'll tell her you moved. I'll deny you. I'll pretend you never existed.
Mum: That might just work. Me move? Where?
Me: Iraq.  I'll tell her you've decided to join the peace corps.
Mum: (laughs) she would like that.

    You may say the best solution is to apologize to Inday or look for another baker. But you don't know my mum, she will never apologize even if her life depended on it, and once she sets out to go after something she wants, she usually gets it.

    On a side note, I've decided to go back to school and pursue a masteral degree in nursing. Well, I need to do something with so much time on my hands. Might as well go back to school. I'm excited to begin my classes. It all feels so familiar. And yet, I dread the thought of waking up early in the weekends. There will be hell yet again, and this time I'll have myself to blame.

    Meanwhile, isn't that blueberry cheesecake divine? It's screaming my name. I might have a piece later at True Brew's after I finish the whole enrollment procedure.

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