Friday, June 19, 2009

My Father The Rockstar

I have his...



sick and twisted humor



fashion sense

love for jazz music


Dear Papa,

Thank you for not choking me to death when I say vile things to you.

Thank you for not snooping around my facebook account. I know this has taken an enormous amount of restraint, and for that I am grateful.

Thank you for not running over my  ex boyfriend, again I know this is a tremendous feat on your part, and again I am truly grateful.

Thank you for sharing your wicked fashion sense and fascination with macintosh products with me.

Thank you for allowing me to shop online without nagging me about air 21.

Thank you for being my personal tech consultant.

Thank you for helping me make an iChat account.

Thank you for grimacing in silence whenever I put on make-up.

Thank you for bringing me pails of water when I am washing dishes and the water district has fucked up our water supply.

Thank you for checking up on me when I am sick and having the consideration not to have a fit for being on your bed all day.

Thank you for carrying the loads of packages when we shop.

Thank you for being our personal chauffeur.

Thank you for not puking on the way up during one of your drinking sessions with your friends.

Thank you for introducing me to house music.

Thank you for sharing my anxiety during the NLE.

Thank you for telling all your friends about my supposed square off gig and not freaking out when it didn't come through. 

Thank you for sharing my amusement with TMZ.

Thank you for being a kewl dad, despite the arguments we've had in the past, I am still alive, with my airway intact and my brain tissue injury free. I love you.


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