Thursday, October 1, 2009


Never have I felt so safe in the comfort of my home. As floodwaters swooped in on a sleepy Manila I was jolted into reality by the images of people stranded atop their roofs, corpses of people and animals littered the murky waters, buildings, roads and vehicles torn to bits by the rush of floodwater. It made me realize how incredibly fortunate I am to be with my family, with our home intact, away from the catastrophe that is Ketsana.

To Jacque something: Get down from your moral high horse. Nobody deserves to live through the tragedy of losing loved ones. You are not a saint because you happened to be somewhere far when Ketsana happened to pass by Manila, you're just one lucky bitch. But next time, maybe you won't be as lucky and I sure as hell hope for your sake that you don't go through the pain that the victims went through when they lost their homes and their families.

No more bad vibes from now on. This blog has got to live up to its name. Pigs are happy and ridiculous. Life is too short for the catastrophes and the Jacques of the world.

The victims need the following:

1. Food (preferably packed in biodegradable materials such as banana leaves Chuvaness recommends purchasing from Binalot)
2. Potable water
3. Medicines and first-aid kits
4. Warm Blankets
5. Clothes
6. Toiletries
7. Sanitary Napkins
8. Diaper
9. Tetanus toxoid vaccines
10. Breastmilk (Diarrhea is a big problem in the relocation camps)

Let's not forget that the animals need all the help they can get. Please send in the following:

1. Cat and dog food.
2. Cages with roofs
3. Warm blankets

PAWS is located in Katipunan. Call 475-1688.

You may send in your donations to Luca located at the Powerplant Mall and you may send in funds through this site. Donations can also be made via SmartMoney (5577-5144-1866-7103) or
GCash 0917-9751092.

Those interested to volunteer with the Red Cross can call the following numbers: Pasay (02) 8542748, 4343751; LasPinas (02) 8734873, 4689688; Pasig (02) 6350922; Alabang (02) 8093132; Manila headquaters (02) 5245787, 5270864.