Sunday, May 31, 2009

Veruca's List: Seductively Luscious Lashes

LashFood Eyelash Conditioning Stimulant. Quite pricey for a teensy weensy bit of a tube at $115. But for a gal with short sparse lashes, this is pure magic in a tube. 

" a scientifically blended liquid of natural ingredients that you apply like eyeliner, twice a day, at the root of your lashes. The good news is that it doesn't sting -- and itdoesn't melt or otherwise make a mess of your other eye makeup when it is applied over the LashFood.

The mixed news is that, like most products which assist in new growth, it's going to take some time to see the results -- 
but the terrific news is that you will see them!

My lashes became shinier after just a few weeks (I think they were darker too? but that could have been the shine fooling me...) And then, a few weeks later, I noticed my eyelashes were a bit darker and fuller looking too. 
And, yes, Virginia, this was before I put on the mascara. 

Once mascara was applied, my lashes almost seemed too-long (if there is such a thing?) and certainly dangerous in a very sexy way...

So yes, LashFood works!

But wait! There's more! Super bonus points for LashFood because is also assists those of us with weak, sparse eyebrows too."

Read the entire review here

I violently want this. I violently need $115 too. 
To purchase one for me, click here.

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