Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cannes'd Heat

Piolo Pascual looks good in the tan colored suit but I think his bottoms fit too snugly. Not a polished look. 

Mercedes Cabral's shoes are dainty.

Mercedes Cabral was labeled the Most Beautiful Asian in Cannes last year.

Our ambassadors at the red carpet. Oh my, how blah. 

We have so many talented Pinoy fashion designers in the country, the Cannes film festival is the perfect opportunity to showcase their pieces in an international arena. How amazing would it be to have paps snap away at your creations? To see our celebs side by side international celebs like Ziyi Zhang and Angie Jolie in a fashion spread? Didn't this idea ever cross their minds? Like what Rachel Zoe says, I would DIE to dress these people. Just DIE. 

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